When Chai Met Toast - Believe

When Chai Met Toast urges you to push through on Believe


Trust Kochi’s biggest up and coming band When Chai Met Toast to give you the nudge you needed to push through in life. The band is back with a second EP just a year after its debut. The sophomore release titled Believe spans a journey. With just four tracks, the EP covers the chain of self-discovery and the consequential revery, which is more than what most people achieve in a lifetime. It spreads more cheer and joy than can be consumed at once.

The inspiring and motivating journey seems unrealistic, even daunting, but considering how quickly the band has managed to reach so many listeners and establish a loyal fanbase, it cannot be all fiction. It must have a base in its very real success and growth, which makes it all the more uplifting.

The EP begins with strings, a dominant part of When Chai Met Toast’s short but remarkable discography. The first track, ‘Khoj’ is a multi-lingual path towards forming an identity, a path that is time-taking but rewarding as we find out at different stages of Believe. Although the song highlights the struggle of finding oneself, the cheerful tune gives it a hopeful sheen. It smoothly segues into the second track, ‘Who Are You’, which takes on the task of defining what was found in the first track. The singer hits deeper notes on this one to establish the gravity of the central theme of the track and the heavy task at hand. 

The third track, which is also the title track, is all about overcoming fear and using that fear to move on and move ahead. To emphasise the values of persistence and faith, they bring in horns and add more grandiosity to the message. Switching to Hindi for the chorus, they promise to walk alongside this journey. The song is a promise of a helping hand throughout the challenging journey, as is manifested in the moving music video. The last track kickstarts with powerful vocals and with extra emphasis on words like “colour”, “treasure” and “forever”, it forces your brain to think positive thoughts only. 

Towards the end of the EP, the grandiosity and the energy of all the songs start getting a little saturating. It helps in putting the point forward and keeps your spirits high, but you can’t help but hope for a breather on this musical saga like you would on any realistic journey. Yet, its worth noting that however hard it might be to find and define your identity, and accept it with full conviction, having When Chai Met Toast’s music as your cheerleader on the stands does help the process along. Especially in the current climate where the world seems like it is headed towards destruction, music like this is relevant and important to spread joy. 

When Chai Met Toast has strategically released 7 tracks over the span of 3 years and has stayed an important part of the industry throughout. This is probably one of the few bands, who with the right marketing push and just the right amount of positive vibes, has made the most of the gradual but welcome uptick in the graph of the independent music industry in the country. With them making music that is crowd-pleasing as well as distinguished, it seems like the band was the right talent at the right time, as is its EP Believe.