The Rapid excite with their debut EP ‘Stormy Weather’


Mumbai-based band the Rapid released their debut EP titled Stormy Weather on March 30. After originally releasing a couple of tracks by April 2016, the band took a bit of a break from releasing any new material for about a year. The pop/alternative band’s first EP contains five songs and runs through a breezy 22 minutes.

The EP kicks off with ‘Strings and Stars’, a staple pop-rock single. Right off the bat, the band hits you with their uplifting sound and positive vibes, which should prepare the listener for the rest of the EP. However, the song ends a little prematurely, before the listener can get excited by what the Rapid has in store for them.

Here’s where the second track ‘First Time’ excels, showcasing all the four members’ talents on the entire track, and running just over five minutes. Siddhant Natrajan gets an opportunity to flex some of his exquisite strummings, with the entire ensemble showcasing their potential.

The title track ‘Stormy Weather’ is another notable song from the EP. Sarthak Swami’s vocals, which are almost dreamy in the first half of the song, fit well on the track. Hansel Dias’s bass is what ultimately ties the entire song, and brings the song home.

The EP concludes with ‘Far Past the Seas’ and ‘Tokin Smokin’, both of which are decent songs by themselves. Swami again does a great job on the vocals – especially at the end of ‘Tokin’, and Natrajan seems to have fun while closing the songs.

Overall, Stormy Weather does really well and is a rather promising debut for the band. However, lyrically, the Rapid leaves much to be desired. But hopefully, they will get more mature as they gather experience, and the overall quality improves with more releases in the future.

The songs from the EP have a decent flow, but it’ll be interesting to see how the band constructs an entire album and manage the flow through the songs. For now, these five songs give the listener plenty to groove to.