OkeDolo flesh out a brilliant soundscape with their collaborative EP Season 1


The essence of dance music comes from its ability to set the mood and accompany a dance performance—hence the name. Its inherent underground nature lends to some creative and interesting outcomes. New Delhi-based musicians Rohan Sinha (Dolorblind) and Ishaan Gandhi (Okedo)—two kids who bonded over their love for Pokémon cards— catch up after a decade and start making music together. Both are proficient in their own ways, and their creativity and creative processes complement each other. The primarily instrumental electronic EP, explores soundscapes that are drenched in groove while also having the grungy vibe of dance music.

The record begins with a sampled phone call which then transitions seamlessly into the first track ‘gooooood’. It lives up to its name and is drenched in groove. With a ton of analogue synth sounds, it creates a rhythmic picture that makes you pull out your best shuffle dance moves. As an opening track to the EP, it sets the tone and gives us a great idea for what to expect from the rest of the tracks. 

The following song, ‘Sexy Track’, opens with an extremely jazzy intro—it sets the mood to sipping on a drink in a nice lounge, listening to some really serene piano playing. Then it follows a dramatic shift in sound that is sure to remind the PlayStation fans of Gran Tourismo menu screen. One thing that’s very evident, is the clarity they have in terms of the energy and direction for this collaboration. For two people who have created tracks belonging to the extreme ends of the sound spectrum, together, they seem to have found ‘their sound’. 

The fourth track, ‘URL IRL’, gives us a taste of New Delhi-based electronic musician and graphic designer Sijya’s hypnotic vocals which creates a haunting atmosphere. Their usage of eerie chord progressions and strategic placement of the samples, results in this phenomenal track, which is a highlight of the entire album.

‘1 7 4’ serves as the closer for Season 1 with its brilliant ambient intros. And then they take that it and push it off the deep end into intense drum and bass. And after what was possibly a great dance session, we finally get room to breathe as the album closes. 

The energy and the vibe Season 1 creates in the span of five tracks, stays very true to the nature of dance music. Those planning choreographies for modern dance styles, will find this album to be a real treat. The rhythmic nuances greatly compliment a lot of new dance styles. It’s also a great starting point for new listeners to dance music, as it provides us with a good idea of what the genre offers. A very cohesive and energetic package, OkeDolo now have a great new EP in their catalogue and this is an exciting start to what is sure to be a fruitful collaboration.

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