Dindun Vol 2

Dindūn, Vol. 2 proves that minimalism used tactfully can give birth to something remarkable


Sourjyo Sinha, Proiti Seal Acharya and Rohit Ganesh’s brainchild, Bangla-Sylheti synth-folk project Dindūn dropped their second EP on March 15, 2022. Simply titled Dindūn, Vol. 2, the 15-minute-long record lulls you into sweet somnolence with its ethereal sonic palette. The EP radiates rapturous warmth through and through, expressing a feeling akin to unconditional love and nurturance.

The band has subtly taken a more synth/electro inspired approach to this new EP, as compared to the fundamentally instrumental-oriented sound in their eponymous debut EP Dindūn, which came out in 2018. Keeping the tender and schmaltzy textures intact in this latest release, the EPs can be deemed as the two sides of the same coin.

The record doesn’t attempt to experiment too much with technical complexities or put up a grandiose display of extravagant musicality. It succeeds nonetheless in impeccably executing all that it stands for, evoking a kaleidoscopic array of sentiments along the way. Its power lies in its simplicity, which cascades through a gamut of sonic elements, both vocal and instrumental. 

Dindūn, Vol. 2 kickstarts with an essentially instrumental number ‘Green’. It’s a track that maybe only a few seconds long but brings to life a dreamy soundscape by weaving together water droplet-like melody lines on the synth that work together to create a distinct nocturnal mood. The sampled cricket chirrups in the background accentuate this laid-back aura. 

The ambience of the record does a 180 with ‘Phul’, shifting drastically from sombre tonal colours to bubblier textures. The song is a hymn for flowers, boasting flickering clicks and beats, chunky basslines, eloquent acoustic guitar melodies and Sourjyo’s signature vocals in Sylheti. Using its fluttering and dancey soundscape to incite a sense of thrill and excitement, the song essentially carries with it an innate sense of bliss and fulfilment. 

‘Chimney’, the second instrumental track of the EP is an ode to an obscure village in North Bengal of the same name. It begins with a two-note progression on the ukulele and slowly builds up its sublime soundscape by adding layers of piano, more ukulele, and acoustic guitar. What unfurls is a polyphonic motif of vibrant sonic colours that induces a sense of light-headedness. 

Bringing back vocals into the mix is ‘Soof’, written as a tribute to Sufjan, Sourjyo’s beloved cat. Dindūn once again experiments with darker and pensive elements, layering them with a subtle tinge of softness and melancholia. Sampling the delicate purring of Sufjan was a crucial requirement in the track for pinpointing its innately intimate nature.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Gawain’ inspired by the 14th century Middle-English romance, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Retelling the tale of the gallant knight, the track incorporates delicate ukulele rhythms, flute-oriented synth lines, and silky Bengali vocals from Proiti and Sourjyo and brings the EP to its fitting end, as if sleep has overtaken it all.

Disclaimer: Dindūn is one of the recipients of A Humming Heart’s Artist Fund.

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