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Amit Trivedis Pad Man would rank high among his forgettable albums



Over the last decade, Amit Trivedi has made a reputation for himself as one of the most reliable composers in Bollywood. In Pad Man, Trivedi churns out his dependable successes.

The primary charm of ‘Aaj Se Teri’ is Kausar Munir’s lovely lyrics (Tere joode ke phoolon ko/ Main apni shirt mein pehnunga/ Bas mere liye tu maalpuve/ Kabhi kabhi bana dena). It’s a gentle Bhimpalasi raag based composition from Amit Trivedi, which Arijit Singh expertly renders. The benignity of the song makes it an endearing listen.

‘The Padman Song’ rides on Mika’s energetic singing and the fine backing vocals. It’s a fun song, but the ‘Suuper Hero’ bit gets slightly taxing eventually. Amit Trivedi sings ‘Hu Ba Hu’the quintessential Trivedi number and he is entirely in his comfort zone. This would work if there weren’t many other songs like this one, but that’s not the case. The ‘Aflatoon’ (English Vinglish) sounding track is not rememberable. Mohit Chauhan sings ‘Saale Sapne’, and the pop-rock arrangement is enjoyable, even though the melody has a heard-before feel. Yashita Sharma, Jonita Gandhi, Yashika Sikka and Rani Kaur sing ‘Sayaani’, and the song does not stay with the listener beyond one listen.

Trivedi is a solid choice to opt for when it comes to situational numbers, and the soundtrack is enjoyable in the film. However, other than ‘Aaj Se Teri’, fails to leave an impression and would rank among his more forgettable albums. The tried and tested Pad Man from Trivedi is a worrying reminder that the composer might have reached a plateau and needs a project that will get him some upward mobility.