Top 10 Bollywood Music Albums of 2016 – #6

A movie that left a broad audience pleasantly surprised and almost everyone in tears; music played a large part in making Shakun Batra’s Kapoor & Sons an early hit of 2016. It’s little surprise then that the soundtrack of the film finds itself high in our Top 10 listing the best of Bollywood music this year.


Amaal Malik has recreated the hit party number Kar Gayi Chull and his techno makeover of the hit Badshah and Fazilpuria’s 2014 track has been done very well. Enhanced by the vocals from Sukriti Kakar and Neha Kakkar, it promised to be the party anthem of 2016 and delivered in this respect. Bolna has been composed by currently infamous Tanishk Bagchi who alongside Badshah, has been credited for ‘The Humma Song’ from Ok Jaanu. Unlike The Humma Song which has only managed to infuriate a fair number of listeners, Bolna is a beautiful, soulful track crooned very well by the ever reliable Arijit Singh. While this song carries the familiarity which has sadly become a recurring case with Arijit Singh, at the same time, the melody’s sweetness is only enhanced by the singer’s vocals. Bonus points for the flute bits which are excellent. Buddhu Sa Mann has again been composed by Amaal Malik and once again, draws heavily from Suraj Dooba Hai. Malik admitted to falling into the trap of commercial success, and although he has got our attention, the Roy hit seems to seriously be stuck in his brain and most of his new songs visibly have the lingering influence of Suraj Dooba Hai. Acknowledging the problem is the first step towards the remedy, and hopefully, in Malik’s case, it works the same way. Saathi Rey, composed by Arko, also has the heard-before vibe and simultaneously is a soothing melody. The Bengali singer-songwriter possesses a lot of potential with his songwriting, but I am yet to be convinced of his ability in front of the mic. Just like Baar Baar Dekho’s ‘Dariya’, Saathi Rey could well have sounded even better with some improved singing. And what is with this echo-like effect? Once again, I’d like to reiterate my fondness for the melody itself. The last song of the album is the one that immediately gets your attention when you look at the singers’ list. The busiest hit-maker right now Badshah teams up with Indian electronic genius Nucleya and the man who arguably has the best voice for any dance number, Benny Dayal; together they give us Let’s Nacho. In fact, this song is a rework of Dayal and Nucleya’s project Sony Project Resound and the original is titled “Tamil Fever”. Badshah has been roped in for the remake of the number in Hindi to cater to the wide-ranging audience, and it turned out to be a great decision for he adds an extra element to the song improving the attractiveness. Though the name itself is slightly cringy, I grew quite fond of the song. Let’s Nacho takes some time to grow on you, and once it does, you end up appreciating and liking it a great deal. It’s a fun song which will be mostly heard at parties, late night after-parties in cars and gyms.

Director Shakun Batra pays attention to the value of good music, and in Ek Main Aur Ek Tu, Amit Trivedi gave us some of his very memorable songs. The same magic is not produced on this album, but there are some fantastic tracks that you may not remember always, but wouldn’t want to skip when they come on the radio.

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