Grand Playlist – 2016

Carry On – Norah Jones

The song was released ahead of the album Day Breaks in 2016 and perfectly captures the year for me. Norah’s voice is above all calming and the lyrics effortlessly personify the year that 2016 was.

/Let’s just forget//Leave it behind// And Carry On/

Here’s to surviving the aftermath of 2016 with the hope that this too shall pass.  Keep Humming!

(Shreya Singh)

Be Still – The Killers

This song is a microcosm of the year that was 2016. 2016 tested people’s resolve through tough times, whether personally, culturally, economically, and I’m absolutely sure that the people will find a way to fight through all this and be a beacon for the future generations.

(Raunaq Aman)

Worry – Jack Garratt

My breakout artist of 2016, Garratt is one for the future, equally proficient in creating catchy ear-worms and lush layered electronica tracks. Keep an eye on him.

(Raunaq Aman)

#WHEREISTHELOVE  – Black Eyed Peas ft. The World

The song first came out over a decade ago. The fact that they had to recreate the powerful song and tell the world once again to be strong, united and positive in 2016 shows just how bad a place the world is in now. We are worse off than we were a decade ago, worse off than we were a year ago. They had to include several other artists so as to reach out to more people, and seek the love. Will we, as a race, ever be able to find it?

(Sukanya Agrawal)

Da Da Ding, Nike Anthem – Gener8ion Ft Gizzle

I believe that a song should manage to bring out some (positive) emotion in you, else the artist has failed in his job. It was definitely the video of the Nike campaign featuring various Indian woman athletes (and Deepika Padukone) that made me feel motivated, if not empowered, and in the mood to hit the gym. The song in itself is pretty hardcore, with some great beats and powerful lyrics. In a year that left a lot of us disappointed in a lot of ways, it was nice to have a music video (if we could call it that) remind us that we can work our way towards greatness.

(Aakriti Mehrotra)

Afreen Afreen (Coke Studio Pakistan Season 9) – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Momina Mustehsan

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, like many greats, has the power to make an average song sound great courtesy the sheer strength of his vocals. His nephew Rahat Fateh Ali Khan also possesses the same quality, which has sadly been exploited by Bollywood. But contrary to his uncle, it is the sweetness in his voice that is one of RFAK’s greatest USPs. Accompanying him in this Coke Studio revisit was Momina Mustehsan, who made her Bollywood debut in Ek Villain‘s Awari where Pakistani band Soch featured her in the song. Momina became the subcontinent’s sweetheart after the Coke Studio video was released owing to her beauty. She considers herself to be an engineer and mathematician before a musician, but she could very well own this trade too if she invested in it entirely. The composition in itself is brilliant, and the Coke Studio version has done complete justice to it even with the additional part, added especially for the accompanying singer. Mustehsan’s additional paragraph has some incredible harmonies which strike a chord somewhere and Javed Akhtar’s brilliance with the pen has been brought alive again by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

(Aakriti Mehrotra)

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles – West Ham

2016 has been a roller coaster ride in more ways than one and probably one of the most underrated deaths of the year was that of The Boleyn. No less iconic, the Premier League will never be the same without it. Goodbye!

(Rishabh Mehta)

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