Top 10 Bollywood Music Albums of 2014 – #7

As the year comes to a close, A Humming Heart lists down the ten best Bollywood albums of 2014.

If this countdown hasn’t made it clear already (it will in the future), we love to hear new and different. That’s not to suggest old is not good. Why shouldn’t you stick to your comfortable ways if they are getting you success? But that the audience sometimes like non-conformist. More than that, by trying something different, you might find mass appeal through that and get the kind of success you never imagined.

And that’s why 2014’s light, intriguing and remarkably funny film Sulemani Keeda finds itself on the seventh spot of Top 10 Bollywood music albums of 2014, ahead of the huge musical hit Ek Villain. The music to this film is given by Arfaaz-Anurag, a duo to definitely keep an eye out for in the future.

Desi Opera is the album’s most innovative track. The song is what it suggests and is obviously funny. Namit Das and Pia Sukanya nicely deliver it. Oh! And the composers have admittedly taken help from a certain Mozart. Heard of him? The Colaba Song is sung by Namit and composer Arfaaz. It is simple, earthy and pleasant. It is basically an acoustic number and one that you would love to swing to around a bonfire or play on a long driveDuurr is probably the most popular track on the album. It’s a simple and pleasant listen as well, and even though you might have heard similar songs- love lyrics arranged on guitar- it makes a great impact. The composers have made a good instrumental arrangement and Siddharth Basrur’s voice makes it a very likeable romantic ballad. Satellite is interesting, though it is very difficult to predict if everyone will take a liking to this song. You can easily be put off by the music and the tune might come across as weak. But it might also end up making you feel intrigued and you may put the song on repeat. Besides these, there are a few more tracks as a part of the album, though most don’t have words. Sewri Capella and Sarangi Blues are good listens as well.

The songs fit into the movie nicely and sound good otherwise as well. This is an album that you might have missed and should definitely check out. Overall, the soundtrack of Suleimani Keeda composed by two new and young musicians is charming and finds is number seven spot on our Top 10 Bollywood Music Albums of 2014.

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