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Currents: Banrap Lyngdoh, Archit & Smit, Pathetic Disillusion and more

With this week’s Currents, we explore new music from artists who have put out the first few releases of their very promising careers.

Pathetic Disillusion – Messenger From The West

The song “narrates the story of salvation to bring humanity back to its pure self”. The Kolkata-based metal band Pathetic Disillusion put forth a blend of Indian classical and metal here, and the result is interesting, and more importantly, not jarring.

Benhurmusic – By the River

Kochi-based duo Benhur’s third single ‘By the River’ draws the listener in with a warm melody and light instrumentation. Acoustic tracks can sound very template, but ‘By the River’ is greatly lifted by Amal Jose’s raspy vocals.

Archit & Smit – Dil ft. Abhiruchi Singh

Archit & Smit’s ‘Dil’ seems tailor-made for a new-age web series. A breezy song, with light guitars and ukelele, the track flows nicely with Abhiruchi Singh and Archit Shah taking vocal duties.

Saravana Gowtham – A Distant Wave

‘A Distant Wave’ is Bengaluru-based guitarist Saravana Gowtham’s second solo single. The musician said that through the song, he wanted to “explore the concept of just being an observer. Can we all wait for the wave to ebb and flow naturally before we react to something?”

Banrap Lyngdoh, Yoomiki Thangkhiew – Sober

With help from beatmaker Yoomiki Thangkhiew, Shillong-based Banrap Lyngdoh has released his track ‘Sober’. Having worked with artists like Andrea Tariang, Moksh and Lojal in the past, he is a known name in the hip-hop circuit of the north-east. ‘Sober’ comes with sick beats, his effortless flow and a 0-budget, full-fledged music video.

You can find all the tracks on A Humming Heart’s Apple Music and Spotify profiles.

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