10 Young Carnatic Musicians to look out for

As an end-of-year pick, we thought it would be apt to identify young talents in the field of Carnatic music. These young boys and girls are proving to the older generation that Carnatic music is nowhere close to disappearing.

Here are the 10 young Carnatic musicians to look out for (in no particular order):

1. Ramakrishnan Murthy

Having spent most of his childhood and adolescent years in the US, Ramakrishnan Murthy always kept in touch with his Indian roots through music. He returned to India after completing his graduation in computer science and took up music as his full-time profession. He has carved a niche for himself in this field and has gained appreciation from sabhas (music organisations) and rasikas (music connoisseurs) alike.

2. Anoor Vinod Shyam

A well-known face in the classical music circle is that of Anoor Vinod Shyam. Following his father’s footsteps, he has emerged as an overall percussionist and also leads classical percussion ensembles. Vinod has shared the stage with many big names of the industry, mainly on the Mridangam.

3. K J Dileep

Dileep is known in the Carnatic music circles for his violin solo performances as well as accompaniment. Entrusted with carrying forward the style and tradition of the famous MSG (Vid. M.S Gopalakrishnan) school of music, he has won the hearts of rasikas and is successfully carrying the baton forward.

4. Apoorva Krishna

This young violinist from Bangalore gives the other contestants chills whenever she enters a competition. She has already bagged plenty of awards and maintained a steady record. Her musical journey started because of a childhood fascination of the violin and she has not looked back ever since. She performs regularly at many prestigious sabhas and also accompanies experienced artists on the violin.

5. J A Jayanth

An early initiation into music, in-born talent and dedication has made Jayanth one of the promising flautists in the Carnatic music field. His unique technique of playing the flute has been appreciated by co-artists and rasikas. Jayanth has a big number of concerts and commercial albums to his credit.


6. Heramba – Hemantha

The goodness of two is always better than one. Heramba and Hemantha are the twin flautists who have pleased the ears of rasikas in the country and abroad and continue to do so.

7. Aravind Bhargav

There are only a handful of artists in the Carnatic music arena who have taken up the Mandolin. Aravind Bhargav came under the tutelage of the late mandolin maestro U Srinivas at a very young age and has now secured himself a unique place in the field.

8. Sunad Anoor

When it comes to Carnatic concerts, the Khanjira is classified as a sub-percussion instrument, which means it almost always accompanies the main percussion instrument ie. Mridangam in most cases. As a popular Khanjira artist, Sunad has already shared the spotlight with the big names of the industry and has also emerged as a versatile percussionist.

9. Anahita Ravindran – Apoorva Ravindran

Their in-depth knowledge of music and perfect unison while singing makes Anahita and Apoorva stand apart. Along with singing, the sisters are proficient in playing musical instruments and are also known for singing for dance recitals.

10. Ramana Balachandran

Ramana is the youngest of all the artists featured here. Still in his early teens, Ramana’s style of playing the Veena reminds the rasikas of yesteryear’s vainikas (Veena artists).


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