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Weekly roundup – Fresh new music from Jack White, Strike Three, George Erza and more

This week sees new releases from Jack White, George Ezra, Strike Three and Preoccupations (formerly known as Viet Cong), and new singles from Kodaline, Yash Soni and Let’s Eat Grandma.


Jack White – Boarding House Reach

Detroit singer-songwriter Jack White is back with his third solo effort, Boarding House Reach. White, mainly known as the lead of the popular garage-rock band, the White Stripes, he has had considerable success both in other bands such as the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather and as a solo artist. Earlier he has released two solo albums, Blunderbuss and Lazaretto, both which garnered critical acclaim.
Fun Fact: While on tour in support of Blunderbuss, White toured with two, single-gender bands that he alternated between shows.

Sunflower Bean – Twentytwo in Blue

The New-York based alternative rock band, Sunflower Bean have released their second studio release, Twentytwo in Blue. This is their first studio album after 2016’s debut effort, Human Ceremony. They rose to fame on the back of a bunch of singles which were self-released via Bandcamp, before signing on to Mom & Pop Records. NME described their sound as: “Together, they make music that blends the dark-matter heaviness of Black Sabbath with the new-wave pop smarts of Blondie and The Go-Go’s, the floaty, fey romance of 1980s lo-fi indie pop and the insouciant cool of The Velvet Underground.”

George Ezra – Staying at Tamara’s

Staying at Tamara’s is the second full length album from the English singer-songwriter George Ezra. This will be his first album in nearly four years after 2014’s Wanted On Voyage. Wanted On Voyage was a runaway success, earning top spots on multiple charts, and the breakout single ‘Budapest’ earned him various award nominations.

Preoccupations – New Material

Canadian post-punk band Preoccupations have released their third album, New Material. This is the follow-up to 2016’s self-titled second album. The band were formerly known as Viet Cong and also released their debut album under that name before they were forced to change the name due to pressure from the organisers and the media.

Strike Three – Essentia

Mumbai based pop-rock band Strike Three released its debut EP Essentia. The four-track long EP sees the band trying out different genres, from pop and jazz to rock.


Kodaline – ‘Follow Your Fire’

Irish folk-rock band Kodaline have released a new single named ‘Follow Your Fire’. This is the second single off their upcoming third studio album, which is yet untitled. This is produced by pop hitmaker Steve Mac, whose jaw-dropping list of credits includes Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ and P!nk’s ‘What About Us’. It is a case of the producer influencing their sound more, and thus is a rousing, folk-meets-electronica thumper.

Let’s Eat Grandma – ‘Falling Into Me’

UK-based art-pop duo Let’s Eat Grandma, have released a new song named ‘Falling Into Me’. This accompanies the announcement of their second studio release, I’m All Ears. This is a smooth, mid-tempo piece with swirling synths and R&B-esque beats, which soon transforms into a house-like build up to its final denouement, and has a very psychedelic feel throughout the song.

Yash Soni – ‘Analogue Dreams’

‘Analogue Dreams’ is the debut single from Yash Soni, a well-known theatre and film actor. Soni has often provided background scores for several Indie short films over the past three years. ‘Analogue Dreams’ is an ambient post-rock track which runs for a little under two and a half minutes and features a poem written by Rahul Gaur in a distorted voice over strong synth and ambient sounds.

The Derelicts – ‘Happy Sad’

Kochi-based band the Derelicts have released their debut single ‘Happy Sad’ today. The alternative/disco band was formed in 2016 and comprises of Ashwin Nath (vocals, guitar), Sreekanth Bassi (bass), Sabarish Menon (guitar), and Biju Karthik (drums). The track, which runs just under four and a half minutes, shows shades of becoming a pop-disco sensation soon enough, with a catchy chorus and a groovy hook.

Kacey Musgraves – ‘High Horse’

Texas-based country singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves has released another single titled ‘High Horse’. This is the third single from her upcoming fourth album, Golden Hour, and was preceded by singles ‘Butterflies’ and ‘Space Cowboy’. This is an earworm, mixing elements from country and disco, with t disco beats and orchestral strings.