WATCH | Umeedein by Chandigarh-based band Naalayak

Shot in the beautiful Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh, and produced in association with Snow Leopard Films, the music video of Chandigarh-based band Naalayak’s ‘Umeedein’ is seamlessly put together complete with the music and the story it narrates.

The minimalistic yet powerful lyrics play on various inter-mingled themes of not just hope but self-reliance and independence as well, urging us to be the lighthouses in our own lives. The video takes us through the journey of a man who was broken at first but decides to regain his lost control to try and conquer a challenging hurdle. It shows the viewers the array of people that come and go in the man’s life but at the end, it is him alone who has to climb the hilltop and salvage his existence.

This provides a fitting imagery and symbolism for what the band is trying to portray through the lyrics, making this video a perfect amalgamation of the both the individual creative processes.

‘Umeedein’ is the third track in the band’s latest EP, Main Ka Bukhar