Watch: Honey Bee by Abhilasha Sinha

‘Honey Bee’ is the recent warm and wistful offering by New Delhi and New York-based artist Abhilasha Sinha. She dropped a video to accompany the song – a retro-style montage of visuals – grainy and raw, with splashes of saturated bright colours to lift the aesthetic that reminds one of a nostalgic summer day.

The DIY, phone-shot video was conceptualised by Goa-based filmmaker Mohit Kapil. Abhilasha, Joe Otterson and an iPhone 11 captured the footage across Los Angeles and New York during the lockdown. 

A song about long-distance love, which works rather well in these times in capturing the effect of the pandemic on relationships, the essence of Abhilasha Sinha’s sweet project has been beautifully captured in this video. The music, the lyrics and the visuals of the project succeed in evoking a sense of longing for its viewers.

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