Watch: The first release from IncInk Records, Kaam Bhaaris Zeher

Ranveer Singh and Navzar Eranee’s ‘IncInk Records’, that was announced by the Gully Boy actor earlier today, has taken out its first song and accompanying music video — Kaam Bhaari’s ‘Zeher’.

Ranveer Singh took to social media to launch what he called, his passion project, an independent music record label, alongside filmmaker-musician Navzar Eranee. The first three artists to be signed to the IncInk are SlowCheeta, Kaam Bhaari and Spitfire, all three of whom were involved in Gully Boy. Siblings Anushka Manchanda & Shikhar Manchanda are on board as Head of Music for the label. 


Directed by IncInk co-founder Navzar Eranee, the first music video from the label interestingly chooses to focus on the exploitative nature of labels and contracts for musicians. The ‘Zeher’ video starts with Kaam Bhaari being treated lavishly, only to be then offered a music contract, that would give him Rs. 25,000 for “lifetime rights of the song”, in a shady setting. He makes a choice to reject the deal, and after some high-intensity drama and violence, seek revenge for himself and other artists who are similarly being made to sign the deal. They include Spitfire and SlowCheeta, and Anushka Manchanda. The final artist is Ranveer Singh, whose brief cameo is typically high-energy and crazed.

The concept of the music video is quite interesting, and sending this message in the very first release seems to send a positive message for the label too — that the primary interest would be the artist’s.

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