Watch: Sourav Deys soulful debut single Aas Paas Ye Doriyaan

New Delhi based musician Sourav Dey released a music video to accompany his debut single ‘Aas Paas Ye Doriyaan’.

The new music video and single, is the first in Echoes and Whistles’ brand new platform to promote new art.

A few glistening keys, some syncopated percussion and the first few vocal inflections from singers Sourav Dey, Purvi Chaturvedi and Sushant Pandey tells us that we are in good hands. ‘Aas Paas Ye Doriyaan’ is a bucolic Hindi folk song down to its very roots. Himansh Pandey’s melodious performance on the flute and the primitive percussion gives the track a lush rustic aesthetic.

The music video is simple and unassuming with a focus on the passion of the artists than anything else. The introspective lyrics by Sushant Pandey talk about the perils of an artistic journey and the sacrifices and internal conflicts that come with trying to express yourself and trying to be heard. The songwriting mirrors the video and the instrumentals by being to the point and relying heavily on atmosphere and emotion than trying to put on an air of pseudo sophistication.