WATCH | Saptak Chatterjees compelling video of Zamana

Zamana’, the third single from Saptak Chatterjee’s debut album Material and Mind sees the Hindustani classical vocalist weave magic with his vocals.

The 5 minutes 28 seconds long video, shot and edited by Tushar Dixit, brims with love and longing for the kind of love that ‘Zamana’ (society) doesn’t approve of.

Saptak embarks on a journey to break stereotypes with this one. His voice manages to reach hearts with conviction. The visuals, meanwhile, are strong and manage to portray an ever-going tussle between desires, needs, and a fear of isolation

Material and Mind aims to strip each track of its mask of melody and lay it bare and vulnerable with emotions. This is unabashedly convincing in the latest video of ‘Zamana’.