Watch: Sabus charming video for Rest

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Sabu has been writing and performing music for a few years and has gained a loyal fanbase for his music through intimate sessions across India. He released his self-titled debut EP last year which addresses the importance of taking a step back from our fast-paced lives and giving ourselves some time to introspect and heal. Sabu has stated that most of his music comes from personal experiences and this EP was no different.

This week, he dropped a new video for one of the tracks from the EP – ‘Rest’. “The point is to be able to give the listener time and space to themselves. Away from their demanding/ challenging lives and put them into a space where they are able to introspect and heal,” says Sabu.

The music video shot and edited by Gorkey Patwal and Prateek Verma shows the daily routine of an elderly man living out his life at his home. The project was entirely shot and completed during the lockdown at Gorkey’s home in New Delhi. It features Gorkey’s caretaker as the protagonist, and it beautifully encapsulates the tranquillity of living a slow and balanced life in his daily routine in isolation. It also instills in the listener a feeling of peace and a longing for it, which is starkly contrasting to the fast-paced life we’re all used to living.

With the world reeling from the challenges of the pandemic, locked in isolation and away from loved ones, this video comes as a reminder to take this time to slow down and let ourselves rest.