Watch: Roz Roz by The Yellow Diary feat. Shilpa Rao

Hindi alt-rockers the Yellow Diary has unveiled tender new visuals for ‘Roz Roz’, their collaborative track with playback singer Shilpa Rao. Directed by Souraj Bhattacharyya, the video stars Mirzapur alum Isha Talwar and actor-dancer Arjun Menon in an intricate interpretive dance routine. The visuals juxtapose several milestones of a young couple, dissecting the tragedy of two people who have just stopped trying. Hopeless romantic or not, it’ll definitely catch you in the snatches of nostalgia and warm your heart. 

The video is unique for its portrayal of the more insidious kind of conflict that creeps up on two unsuspecting lovers with time. Rao’s rich, velvety voice makes for a memorable pairing with vocalist Rajan Batra’s register. The lyrics, pleading a lover to embrace vulnerability, are translated beautifully by the emotive choreography. 

Through the tight pacing and cloned editing effects, the highly-charged music video vividly illustrates the slow erosion of a relationship, spurred by a breakdown in communication. Talwar and Menon twirl through the initial honeymoon phase. Unbeknownst to them, it doesn’t take long for complacency and resentment to set in. We’re given a happy ending ultimately, as the two finally take stock, hash it out, and find their way back to one another.