Watch: Parchayi by Khwaab, Raghav Meattle

Producer Khwaab and singer Raghav Meattle’s collaboration from 2020 gets a music video, directed by Gaurav Gupta and produced by EO2 Exp. Through the video, the director and collaborators hope to tell the story of the queer community and its allies, three years after same-sex relations were decriminalised in India.

In a press statement, they say, “While queer love stories may no longer be criminalized, a happily ever after is still forbidden.” The video follows the love story of two men blooming in the shadows of a village, hiding away from society and its judgmental gaze (and sticks). In the video at least, the couple gets a happy ending.

The song itself was released almost a year ago with no intention of carrying this message, but has found its place in a serendipitous way. The first music video for one of Khwaab’s seven tracks so far, his music seems tailor-made for the visual format. Notably, a music video for Raghav Meattle’s track ‘Bar Talk’, which was released last year and produced by the same entity, also highlighted same-sex relationships and came with the message, “it’s time to lift the veil of sensationalism from telling the stories that we should have heard a long time ago.”