Watch: Odyssey of Psyches soulful debut single Vision

With the growing sense of disillusionment and nihilism in the world today, we see a trend towards darker, pessimistic and disaffected themes in our music, television and movies. It is easy to get swept away with the sometimes overwhelming frigid current and lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. Odyssey of Psyche formed just last year in Guwahati and aims to bring us closer to the light with their take on ambient, post, and experimental rock.

The trio is out with their debut single, ‘Vision’, from upcoming debut EP. The single, supported by a moody and uplifting music video snubs hard-hitting grooves and punchy basslines in favour of a more mellow, atmospheric and almost shoegaze inspired aesthetic.

Hirak Dutta’s soulful vocals paint an encouraging and optimistic portrait of what’s to come interspersed with grand, orchestral choruses. The instrumentals shimmer with character and backed with lush and restrained production.

‘Vision’ serves as a fitting single to amp up the anticipation for their debut EP.

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