Watch: The quaint sobriety of Ladakh in Oceantieds Let You Go

Most indie musicians would vouch that creating the perfect visual representation for their song is a more onerous process than creating the song itself. But when you choose the infallibly alluring Ladakh as your backdrop, you’re destined to do it right.

Ketan Bahirat, erstwhile guitarist of presently defunct post-rock band Until We Last, has managed to pull an anomaly of dimatric confluence of audio-visual content with his latest solo release.
Oceantied, his solo venture, has dabbled in ambient electronica, spiritually twinning with the brand of music of the likes of the grossly underappreciated Baths and Aether.

His latest track, ‘Let You Go,’ is as much a sonic soother, as it is, visually. Scaling through the quaint and serene yet expansive locales of Ladakh, the video chronicles the ‘prison break’ daydream of every little child ever. Colour corrected to the blued, joyous anticipation of petrichor, the video is a pleasant, introverted contradiction to the music it complements.

Seldom do we see such visually sombre storytelling accompany inherently bouncy electronic music.

The collective output is as residually saccharine as the true star of the video – the pristine pomegranate in the hand of the child breaking free.

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