Watch: My Mind by Perp, NSHKO

Perp is the moniker of Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Urmila Sivadas, who has released her latest single ‘My Mind’ in collaboration with French producer and songwriter NSHKO. They met in 2018 at The International Writer’s Camp in Netherlands and decided to work together late last year.

The song celebrates companionship, thoughtful gestures and having someone to love. It comes with a music video set in the lockdown era which features two lovers who meet virtually on a lunch date from different parts of the world.

Perp wrote the story for the music video herself. It was made at Bombay Frameworks and directed by Neilloy Chakravarty.

Previously, Perp was part of electronic and soul-pop trio Mr. Maloouk and the Goombas and a duo project with guitarist-producer Sticky Twiggs called Safar Outré.