WATCH | Laxmi Bombs music video of Asshole

Mumbai-based band Laxmi Bomb released its first full-length album, Bol Na Ranti, earlier this year.

The band has now released a video for one of the songs, ‘Asshole’. The members of the band don ‘war-paint to bomb the world, with colours of love, peace and psychedelic-parties’ in the video. On the song, the band’s vocalist Keegan Pereira told A Humming Heart, “Each of the tracks written on the album is on account of a social stigma that has affected us personally. ‘Asshole’ being that ‘keeda’ within each of us that is totally insatiable”

Laxmi Bomb on first full length album ‘Bol Na Ranti’ and working on a Pakistani film

The music video, just like the song, is quintessentially Laxmi Bomb – eccentric, ambitious and wonderfully weird. The song would also perfectly describe the sound of the band to a first-time listener, the electro-pop-punk sound filled with expletives and short raps.