Watch: Lahore-based Poor Rich Boys Kaghazi

Lahore-based indie band Poor Rich Boy’s latest release ‘Kaghazi’ makes for pleasant and breezy listen.

The band has been performing this song for many years on live shows, and finally decided to put it out as a single. Rightly so, as it has already received a lot of love since the release. Poor Rich Boy has dedicated the song to “all those who suffer from depression and whose capacity for love has been compromised by mental illness”. The video, shot and edited by Abdul-Rehman Malik, is exactly the imagery you get listening to the song — outdoors, parks and warm sunshine.

The final track is a lesson in beauty in simplicity — the arrangement is perfect, the subtle harmonies add more warmth, and anything more would have been overkill. They get it exactly right.

Poor Rich Boy’s ‘Almost Tuesday’ was part of our Best of August 2018 playlist.