Watch: Khoye Pal by Eeshan : Kaushik

It’s another day in the world of Indian indie, and with that, another pair of seasoned talents have decided to come together. Pianist-composer Eeshan Tripathi and vocalist-producer Kaushik Ramachandran of Hindi prog-rockers Paradigm Shift have joined forces as Eeshan : Kaushik. The duo has just unveiled a picturesque video for their mesmerizing debut track, ‘Khoye Pal’.

The new project is a heady medley of twinkling piano and enriching electric guitar. “’Khoye Pal’ is a gentle reminder that the depth of our life is determined not by what we possess but by the profoundness of our attention to every detail of life. It’s about pausing to embrace the beauty of life,” says Tripathi. “Eeshan : Kaushik is about creating songs on cinematic stories to convey sometimes grand and sometimes simple and sometimes out of the box ideas”, adds Ramachandran.

Directed by Varun Gathani, the visuals are the perfect antidote to that gnawing feeling of wanderlust as we stumble our way out of lockdown life. The track is built around the theme of a spiritual journey and the video, featuring actor-comedian Dhruv Lohumi of Maska fame, brings that to life through a motorcycle trip and trek across the breathtaking Spiti Valley landscape.

We can’t wait to hear more from them as they expand their sonic repertoire to take on drum n’ bass fusion and softer ballad-esque styles.