Watch: Hold Tight by Ape Echoes featuring Jim Sarbh in a Black Mirror-esque world

Bacardí House Party Sessions (BHPS) has been having a ball dropping one slick track after another under the BHPS banner. The latest in the list is ‘Hold Tight’ by electronica act, Ape Echoes, mentored by bass phenomenon Mohini Dey. Ape Echoes’ unique sound comes across even more vividly in the music video starring the music scene’s latest sensation, the multi-hued Jim Sarbh.

The song is a delightfully dystopian spin on the average urban Indian’s penchant for procrastination. ‘Hold Tight’ follows Jim Sarbh as a character who fights between his desire to be lazy and indulge in leisurely activities and his practical need to be productive. The music is slick and the video looks straight out of a Black Mirror episode.

He uses a cloning machine to create clones to fulfil his diverse responsibilities. They complete chores that he couldn’t bring his original self to do, but eventually, they end up mirroring his original conflicted personality.

The video is excitingly inventive and one of the better efforts in recent times. The song is ambient with a lot of soul, nonchalantly taking a backseat, letting the ‘narrative’ progress. It is to Ape Echoes’ credit that, though the video proceeds at a lightning pace, the audience isn’t too dissociated the track in itself as they get increasingly engrossed in the visual storytelling.

Speaking on her role as a mentor to Ape Echoes, Mohini Dey said, “The independent music scene in India is exploding and there is talent emerging from all corners of the country. What’s important is recognising talented artists, and providing them with the right guidance and platform in their journey to the top.

“Ape Echoes is a breakthrough band who, for the past 2 years have consistently done what truly moves them and stayed true to their sound. It has been a fantastic experience to be a part of the creation of ‘Hold Tight’. It’s great that platforms like Bacardí House Party Sessions are encouraging and promoting fresh and exciting talent like Ape Echoes,” she concluded.

The presence of Jim Sarbh, quite an Internet favourite himself, could boost the outreach of the track, a reach it earnestly deserves.

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