Artwork by Pratham Shetty

Watch: Hold by Meghana Mokhasi

Known for her simple lyricism over pop melodies, Bangalore based singer-songwriter Meghana Mokhasi makes songs about real life and raw emotions. Meghana’s musical journey started in her teens, drawing inspiration from 2000s pop and folk music.

The songstress released a new music video for her track ‘Hold’ this week. ‘Hold’ is a song aptly descriptive of her soundscape, perfectly moulding her vocal prowess with soft music and unembellished lyricism. The song features Meghana’s effortlessly sweet vocals over ukulele-based production by Tomcells.

The home-shot music video project hits subtly with an almost DIY-y feel to it. Starring Meghana (and a special cameo by her cat), the visuals bring to the forefront the realities of social media trends, the chase for relevance and the consequent disconnect from reality. Through the first half, she is seen continuously browsing through trending aesthetics which strongly influence her actions. Trying to stay relevant for constant digital approval, Meghana finds herself distracted from the present now. The video draws to a conclusion with her realizing the futility of chasing after the digital world and spending more time with herself.

The video is directed by cinematographer Rachana Deshpande and presented via Havi Studios.

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