Artwork by Palindroma

Watch: Haze by Palindroma

Nitin Muralikrishna has been releasing music as Palindroma since 2017, and has been known to draw from genres like classical music, electronica of the 90s and 2000s, acoustic and rock. His latest single, ‘Haze’ takes these elements and pushes them into exciting new directions.

When first bits of synth-keys hit you, the expectation of a chill-out track is set. However, the track blooms with Nitin’s own spin on the aforementioned genres. The ambience of the song is cold and haunting. The distorted vocal processing that he throws in from time to time blend with the instrumentals perfectly.

The attention to detail with which every single component of the track is treated is impressive. The music video directed and edited by Vignesh Shivasubramaniam consists of beautiful imagery which serves as a fitting companion for the song. The song, however, deals with dark and defeatist themes, evident in the lyrics.

Palindroma and his collaborators have managed to create a stunning and timely piece of music. The multi-phased structure of the song would make you feel torn between partying and staring out of a window. The lyrics are emotional and reflect what is going through everyone’s heads right now and makes it instantly relatable. The instrumentals are bold, unique and eclectic.

Muralikrishna is a prolific music producer and audio engineer, currently at Gray Spark Audio, Pune. Palindroma is a product of a 15-year musical journey who finally came of age in 2016 at Berklee College of Music, Valencia, where he earned a Masters degree in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation. He has worked on commercials, films and with independent artists including CAUSES, Sanjeev T, Easy Wanderlings, Mali and OM.