Watch: Feathers in Spaces stirring new music video

‘Inertia’ from Feathers in Space’s debut EP Four now boasts an impressive animated music video. Feathers in Space, an indie-pop duo comprising singer-songwriters Radhika Mohite and Darren John D’Souza, released the debut EP late last year. The five-track record features several everyday things that inspire the Pune-based group. With themes ranging from the weather to consumerism to self-exploration, the fourth track ‘Inertia’ featuring singer Azadé Aria sees Feathers and Co. tackle the recoil of love.

The new music video is an added buttress to the track’s cause. The video has been directed by the talented animator Oindri Dutta. She chooses to play a lot with light, contrasting the interplay between the fall of night and the rise of day to the protagonist’s pliable heart. The video crucifies the eponymous feather, which holds a significance for the band’s fascination with birds. Doused in earthy candour, the video is nothing if not relatable.