Watch: Courage by Rusha & Blizza

New Delhi duo Rusha & Blizza are clearly perennial seekers of where they can push bass music next. Following EPs such as Sutra and Mudra in 2020, the pair dial into a serpentine yet seismic sound on the new track ‘Courage’. 

Stepping away from the electro-fusion realm they previously delved into, ‘Courage’ trades in Rajasthani folk vocal samples for dreamy English vocals. Their powerfully slamming beats and glitchy approach to melodies are still intact and certainly elevated on the new song. Further diving into the realm of what one can do with sculpted sound effects and production techniques, Rusha & Blizza emerge nearly genre-fluid on ‘Courage’, swerving organ leads making their way between stomping rhythms, all packed into two minutes and 45 seconds. 

An additional layer of class, finesse and intensity come with the ominous visuals for ‘Courage’. Shot in Russia by director and choreographer Igor Glinskiy, there are colour coordinated dancers who contort and snake their way around to match the music, interacting with each other while the camera moves to showcase different formations. 

Paurush Kumar aka Rusha said in a statement about the video, “This was our most visual creation to this point, as we had the opportunity to work with an amazing fellow artist to create this unique piece.” Aman Khare aka Blizza added, “Feeding off the energy of Igor and his crew, we tried our best to make the track exhilarating while keeping enough variations.”