WATCH | Billie Eilish’s haunting video for ‘When the Party’s Over’

Billie Eilish has given an upgrade to the gothic era of the ‘00s with her newly released music video for ‘When the Party’s Over’. With her haunting vocals in the background, she is seen contemplating having a charcoal coloured drink, giving in and then drinking it whole. The liquid spills out of her eyes in the form of black, frightening tears. 

Billie Eilish captures the millennial emo spirit perfectly with her music, full of mood swings and (sometimes violent) drama. In this video, she is ghostly and the strong imagery is difficult to digest, but it hits the mark. It gets even more terrifying and real as the video nears its end, and her black tears fill the hitherto shiny white room. 

Eilish got the idea for this image through a fan art that was submitted to her a while ago – a picture of her shedding tears of black. She then had her team adapt it into a music video. The 16-year old is unafraid and proud of her demons, a rare characteristic in most teenage pop-stars who get famous overnight.