WATCH | Bhrigu Sahni performs Momentary Present at BYOH Live

There is a Cat Stevens feel when you press play on the ‘Bring Your Own Headphones Live’ version of Bhrigu Sahni’s ‘Momentary Present’. Its a beautiful, soothing song that could lull you to sleep.

Sahni performed the track that is part of his solo album What Is Now, at Gray Spark Audio, a Pune-based studio that hosts the unique Bring Your Own Headphones Live sessions.

The video for ‘Momentary Present’ is refreshing as it features Sahni performing while several people watch and listen to him. In a world where artists play their gigs in packed restaurants and even festivals, yet with the audience’s attention not completely on them, it is brilliant to see a space where the complete focus is the music, with the headphones eliminating other distractions.