Watch: Best Friend by Nikhil Swaroop

Gurugram-based singer-songwriter Nikhil Swaroop released a new track and an accompanying music video on Tuesday which captures the relationship between a boy and a street dog.

The piano led indie pop track is written from the perspective of a boy who is lonely and finds solace in the company of a street dog. As the music video progresses, the boy is shown to be all grown up but is still alone and struggling to counter the punches thrown by life. However, the company of street dogs is therapeutic for the protagonist and up his spirits. Swaroop describes the song as ‘a story on how destiny brought two voiceless beings together who ended up rescuing each other through their unconditional love and friendship’.

‘Best Friend’ is a refreshing track which explores more than the conventional and if you are an animal lover, you would particularly enjoy it.