Watch: Behkay by SHOR

SHOR aka Rohan Shetty is an indie singer-songwriter with a unique take on the genre. He has released his third single – ‘Behkay’, with an accompanying music video. Before this, he released two more music videos on his YouTube channel – ‘Ruke Hue’ and ‘Tera’. On both tracks, layers of glitchy synth-pop wash over his intimate vocals. His latest release sees him doubling down on this aesthetic, creating the most mature rendition of his signature style.

In just under two and a half minutes, SHOR delivers an abstract experience which compliments his smooth vocals perfectly. The chorus is emotional, resonant and catchy. Lyrically, song loosely translates to an ode to his lover and his desire to float away with her forever. The accompanying music video directed by Sanjna Krishnan is just as colourful as the underlying music. Using erratic editing and a unique colour-palette, the video conveys the dreamy desires of the song beautifully, making it the perfect visual companion.

His approach to music actually takes a lot of inspiration from trip-hop, glitch pop and various other sub-genres of electronic music. The backbone of his music is heavily based on samples and pitch, shifting those samples to create a worthy experience. His vocals on the verses resemble spoken word poetry with an understated and whispery delivery.

With a few short singles and a wonderful performance at Zomaland, Rohan Shetty has proven himself to be an artist with a unique vision and eclectic tastes. His progression as a talented lyricist and forward-thinking producer is one that will be on our radar for the foreseeable future.

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