Watch: Azamaan Hoyvoy showcases his new live ensemble on Kazoo

Peeking through past videos and a Facebook page, Mumbai’s Azamaan Hoyvoy indicates an emphasis on live performance. An earlier video titled ‘Takeoff’ gave off a laid-back and lo-fi vibe, from the songwriting to the elementary video editing. On ‘KAZOO’, the ensemble has grown in size, adding and switching members to create a formidable support system.

Azamaan is bolstered by vocals from Mallika Barot and Ambika Nayak; dual guitars from Gadhvi and Siddharth Shankar spend time with piano passages from Sid Shirodkar; a rhythm section, nay, partnership bringing up the rear with drummer Dhir Mody and Nathan Thomas.

Written by Azamaan and guitarist Harsh Gadhvi, the song is a funky romp, replete in instrumental flourishes and vocal pyrotechnics. Embodying the ethos of acts like Jamiroquai, the group find a way to accommodate a Phish/Snarky Puppy jam-band hybrid. The song bounces from section to section, the vocals acting as an additional bit of percussion with rhythmic scatting and repeated phrases.

The video, housed within the walls of Island City Studios was shot and edited by Sahil Kotwani and Jishnu Guha respectively, and captures the unique and raw energy of a live performance. A single take, by intent or design, puts the viewer right in the centre; each band member given their due by way of appearance, each shot timed to coincide with what needs to be given attention.

The act itself is worth taking note of: a mix of seasoned and upcoming talents playing off of each other with aplomb and zero pretence, symbolising the unfiltered joy of live performance, mistakes and improvisations et al.

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