Watch: Ady Manrals acoustic one take wonder, Different

Our inescapable drive to look beyond, dream big and create bigger invariably leads us down a path of increasingly complex and ornate products. It’s easy to lose sight of how easy it can be to captivate with basically nothing. Ady Mandral is a singer-songwriter hailing from the lush foothills of Landour, Mussoorie. His charming fusion of acoustic folk and pop music is inspired by the serene and simplicity of life in the hills.

His debut EP Lean on Love dropped in December 2018 and has received a lot of love. In ‘Different’, Ady adopts an even more simplistic approach. When was the last time you watched a music video which is basically a three minute long take featuring a guy with an acoustic guitar singing the hills to tears? Under natural light and against the most jaw-dropping backdrop that nature has to offer, Ady hums and strums soul-stirring tunes. He beautifully uses nature-inspired metaphors like blue skies, climbing mountains and strong winds blowing to compare and contrasts his feelings and thoughts with the viewer.

The long take shot by Mohit Kapil holds your attention for three whole minutes while Ady Manral’s vocals forbid you to lose sight of what he has in store in the future.