Watch: Ahmers music video for Kasheer as Kashmir clampdown enters third month

As Kashmir tries to salvage some sort of normalcy following the information and communication blackout post the abrogation of Article 370 in the state, Srinagar-based rapper Ahmer does his best to tell his story through newly released music video for ‘Kasheer.’ Released via Azadi Records, this is yet another collaboration between director Vaksh Vimal and the record label.

The music video, off the artist’s debut album Little Kid, Big Dreams, comes almost three months after the release of ‘Elaan’.

Director Vaksh Vimal does an impressive job in turning Ahmer’s lyrics into an equally captivating visuals, one that complements the lyrical narration with Sez on the Beat’s asserting production duties. The direction, centered around Ahmer’s life as a young Kashmiri, depicts how the state continues to be in the state of chaos and confusion regardless of the era (and it’s captivating, to say the least). The video also features well-known Srinagar-based songwriter Ali Saffudin. Ahmer, in one of his interviews, emphasised on how Saffudin played an influential role in his decision to choose music over silence.

Shot a month prior to the clampdown, both the director and the co-founder of Azadi Records, Uday Kapur, shared the experience through their Instagram and Facebook posts respectively.

Vimal has earlier collaborated with Azadi Records’ Seedhe Maut for the music video ‘Pankh’ and ‘Saans Le’, off the Delhi-based duo’s debut album Bayaan.