Watch: Habus Rah by Daira

If you have consistently followed Mumbai-based rock act Daira’s releases, you would know that the ulterior agenda behind their work is to carefully provide glimpses into their artistic genius with every album. Times are grim and dark, and the situation demanded the art-rock outfit to express themselves once again. Daira revisited their debut album to channel anguish, concern, and voice through the composition ‘Har Subah’.

The recent release ‘Habus Rah’, a literal reverse of ‘Har Subah’, an ananym if you like, is a result of reverse-engineering the audio for the same. If that was not ‘Daira’ enough for you, the visuals, which have been hand-picked from YouTube clips, act as a reflection of the society’s ills and the dwindling effort to uphold human values and democracy across the globe.

The single does not preach. In fact, Daira sticks true to the responsibility of an honest artist and shows vulnerability and helplessness. With visuals from the streets of Delhi to the viral footages of George Floyd’s arrest and death, ‘Habus Rah’ ensures the viewer remembers everything. These visuals do not feature politically or racially motivated human wrath but extend to episodes wherein human values were massively compromised.

Ironically, the visuals were pulled down by the platform owing to its community standards. However, the video continues to exist on Instagram and Facebook.