Photo via artist's Bandcamp

LISTEN | Zokhuma brings out refreshing new sounds on his EP Heart+Fields

Mumbai based producer & DJ Arman Menzies released his second EP Heart+Fields under the moniker Zokhuma on 6th Feb. The record is carefully stitched together in two songs and Menzies stays true to his downtempo, chill and house influences. Menzies who takes up guitar duties for the progressive/alternative rock outfit Goddess Gagged is also part of Dasta, the producer circle that houses indie electronic artists like Oceantied and Sandunes.

Hearts+Fields draws parallels to Zokhuma’s 2014 release Tomorrow Will Be Better, but there is a distinct clarity and refreshing refinement in his samples and arrangement that he has developed over the four years that separates the records. The opening track ‘Heart’ grows out from reversed samples and vocal snippets, subsequently falling into intricate grooves laden with carefully planned drum sounds assembled with classic drum machines and wooden percussions. ‘Fields’ is more attuned to Zokhuma’s house influences where the grooves are more centred. It becomes a synth arpeggio driven release to what ‘Heart’ builds up.

Menzies quotes in his Bandcamp release note that “Hearts + Fields is the result of a little love, a lot of rain, a never-ending forest and a cosy cottage in the south of Sri Lanka”. The EP is immersive, and best listened to exactly as it was made, in solace and comfort.