Raghav Meattle - Unicorn and the sheep
Artwork by Ayushi Rastogi

Listen: Unicorn and the Sheep by Raghav Meattle

Singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle has some choice love advice for listeners in his newest indie-folk cut, ‘Unicorn And The Sheep’. The Mumbai-based artist’s first single of 2021 addresses something we’ve all felt: am I good enough for them? With Meattle almost-whispering in your ear, it’s like a blanket to sink into, a safe space for those feeling jaded with cuffing season. Simmering strings, drifting piano lines, and gentle guitar strings adorn his warm, melodic croons.

In ‘Unicorn And The Sheep’, he uses an off-beat metaphor; his lover the unicorn, and him the sheep, colouring the song with a great character and making it immensely memorable. Dressing up universal themes in this charming, unique fashion is one of his strong suits, along with those undeniably catchy hooks. To some, this track may recall some of Ed Sheeran’s early stuff. 

There’s always been a steady maturation about the singer, and this experimentation might just be a result of the great year he’s had. In 2020, continuing to chart his rise, he released a handful of singles, most notably ‘City Life’, and lent his vocals to Meghna Ramaswamy’s award-winning film What Are the Odds. He also made some interesting additions to his catalogue with collaborations like the electronic ballad ‘Zindagi’ with beatsmith Shor.

Meattle’s music has always been what you’d call radio friendly, but there’s really something exciting brewing with the combination of a more pared down register and slower tempo. We’d love to see him lean more into this sound, and are definitely excited to see what else he’s cooking up for 2021.