Listen: Temporary Lovers by Anukriti and Ishaan

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Anukriti Menon and producer-drummer Ishaan Jagyasi teamed to come up with their dreamy debut track ‘Temporary Lovers’. The song about the momentary and fleeting side of love and relationships is built on lo-fi elements such as distorted and pitched synth samples over hip-hop drum patterns and bound together by Anukriti’s lush RnB vocals.

‘Temporary Lovers’ follows the narrative of the “conflict between staying in love out of convenience and wanting true happiness without feeling lonely or incomplete.” Fellow True School of Music student Aman Baji lent his guitar playing skills on the bridge which adds a new layer and dimension to the song. The impeccable production of the project is only enhanced by the quality mastering done by Sanjay Hundi.

The collaborative debut had been under work since May and dropped across streaming platforms after an exclusive premiere on SkillBox on September 27.

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