Via Jishnu Chatterjee

Listen: Skyless EP by Within Ceres

Goa-based metal band Within Ceres released their debut EP Skyless on all platforms on June 20th. The 20-minute EP is an auditory experience through a blend of metal-core and djent, with ambient and orchestral elements over its 5 featured tracks.

The EP is entirely written and produced by guitarist and producer Odin De Sa. It boasts of a crisp and high-quality mix and mastering delivery by Asher Alley. The band managed to create a great stir and anticipation for their release via their teasers before releasing Skyless via a listening party. 

Besides Odin De Sa, the band’s current line up consists of Arnold Carvalho (vocals), Naizian Fernandes (keys), Kadesh Dsouza (guitars), Nathan Fernandes (drums), and Valiston Fernandes (bass).

Ceres is described as an Artificial Reality in a futuristic timeline, which can be accessed via advanced VR technology. The songs in the EP are all lyrical journeys through different swings and settings within that alternate world. The soundscape and lyrics of the EP leave a strong aura of dystopia and dissonance from present reality.

“The band name and the EP’s concept is based on escapism and maladaptive daydreaming. This is the idea that in the future as the world around us shrivels, humans rely on virtual realities as an escape mechanism to experience everything that the real world cannot provide,” remarked Odin.

Within Ceres is on the path of planning their next release, and are right now focusing on live streams to fill the gap in the live industry which the pandemic has created.