Listen: Pandemic by Prabh Deep

Prabh Deep’s reputation is built on speaking the truth. He takes his intimate, lived knowledge of hardship and uses it to build poetry. His verse is chiselled out of the granite of suffering, and each track burns into the stone of his listener’s soul.

‘Pandemic’ is no different in its message. It forces upon the listener the unpleasant reality that everyone is aware of, and that no one admits. The disease that plagues the planet is a consequence of human greed. Prabh Deep’s slow, biting verse is lathered with intonations of “lalalch“. As is his norm, he minces no words. Greed will kill us all – greed for money, power, prestige. The rap comprises both accusations and warnings. If this global catastrophe cannot make us rethink our choices, then extinction is inevitable. Does house arrest remind us of Kashmir? Do the overpriced clothes and cars we bought mean anything in the midst of rising death tolls? There’s an element of grim satisfaction to the track. Misanthropes can take bitter pleasure in knowing they were right – humanity has led itself to disaster. Prabh Deep takes a moment to visualise a utopia – what if we could keep the planet as pristine as Covid-19 has made it, simply by showing humans their place in the chain? He quickly dismisses the thought, convinced that greed is what defines this two-legged animal dominating the Earth.

Prabh Deep’s sound is slow-down, almost lo-fi. He does not spit rhyme, he gives voice to the apocalypse. His tone is ominous, devoid of the brash confidence that great rappers often exude. There is no dark humour; the world has slowed down to wrestle with the consequences of human hubris. All this man does is give us words we would do well to live our lives by.

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