Listen: No Time by Vylom ft. Armaan

In typical New Delhi fashion, cars, pools and other glitzy elements of night time opulence show up in the video for ‘No Time’, the latest single released on Delhi NCR label Paradigm Records. While the label has been in action since late last year, they’ve upped their game during the pandemic by putting together New Delhi producer Vylom aka Vaibhav Anand and New Zealand/Delhi rapper Armaan Khera.

The slickly produced track jumps right into the trap-meets-hip-hop space and a wavy, morphing outro supplied by Vylom. Armaan, for his part, is all about portraying the nonstop hustle. The collaboration fits together with Armaan’s thick, imposing delivery going over flourishes of auto-tune refrains and bass-boosted beats by Vylom. 

The vocal delivery oscillates between intense and laidback but it’s mostly about conveying that the determined lot always make time for what’s important to them, even if it’s at 4 am and time to lay down some verses on the track. Armaan says at one point, “Don’t be texting me if you ain’t about agendas/Everyone I meet likes to work before the bender.” 

In the video directed by Achint Singh, Armaan and Vylom are bro-ing it up as they roam the empty streets and also perform for the camera with a friend. With trippy VFX transforming the music video, what’s evident is that Vylom and Armaan are certainly comfortable together and we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another collab coming up soon enough. 

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