ViceVersa cover art

Listen: Bold and bass heavy banger Na Bro by ViceVersa

With a slew of releases already to their name dating back to 2015, ViceVersa are no club first-timers. The Bangalore/Mumbai outfit synonymous with wit-laden party tunes, return with their brand of cheeky club bangers. ‘Na Bro’, the first single of their eponymous EP, is loaded with catchphrases courtesy some snide lyricism from Messrs P-Man (Rohit Pereira) and BLunt (Rahul Dhande).

The sound and production evoke the popular touchstones that govern bass music. Mr Doss chips in with a sinewy, snaky melody that bookends a thumping moombahton-esque groove, birthing a pretty catchy tune.

Lyrically, the track is in exercise a bravado. ViceVersa come forth, muscles flexed, issuing many-a-throwdown, calling out poseurs and fakes with ferocity. ‘Na Bro’, while on the lighter side, is a pretty stark commentary on human nature, particularly in an Indian context.

Certain lines question people’s motives for being the way they are. The main refrain repeats the phrase “Galat tareeka, galat tera kaam, na tu koi Shahrukh, na tu Salman,” citing Bollywood as the prime instigator for a person’s general tomfoolery.

‘Na Bro’ is out everywhere, with an accompanying video slated to release soon, according to the band’s Facebook page.