Listen: Vaa by Vigneshwar Karthik NV

Announcing his arrival in 2019 with an EP, Vigneshwar Karthik NV threw his hat into a ring of more-than-capable independent songwriters coming out of Tamil Nadu. Incorporating a variety of genres, his songs are imbued with energies of jazz, Carnatic and progressive fusion, all kept together with evocative lyrical expressionism. Now, the pianist and songwriter follows up his 2019’s Pookkal with a genre-bending single about embracing changes.

In his own words about the track: “’Vaa’ is all about the beautiful transition in one’s life. Life welcomes love in many forms and the power of it is boundless. The protagonist is in awe. Just as this special individual walks into his life, he watches the sky getting prettier, the air around filled with bliss, and the fast-moving world slowly calming down. He embraces this change. And the listener is sure to experience this change through every section, gracefully transitioning in emotions and in its instrumentation.”

While having produced, arranged and composed ‘Vaa’, his first release of 2021, Vigneshwar invites a cross-section of Chennai’s seasoned instrumentalists to feature in a no-frills live video. The quintet, shot and recorded at Studio Uno Records in Chennai, includes Vigneshwar at the helm, flanked by Akhilesh Subramaniam, Vijay Ganesan, Manoj Krishna and Goutham Healer. 

Watch the video here and stream the song here