Listen: Underdog by Sanjeev T & RANJ

“Used and I’m used to it, earned my seat at the table but they won’t admit. Bring the past to the future, b*tch this ain’t Tenet”, raps RANJ in her signature self-assuredness on the new track, ‘Underdog’, produced by Sanjeev T.  

A slick R&B hook starts things off, making way for a sultry refrain delivered by RANJ. Quickly, the 2-minute track moves towards a catchy hook and a powerful, track-defining verse. This one packs a punch, lyrically, but treads way too carefully within the realms of everyday R&B/ pop. While ‘Underdog’ carries forth in the footsteps of its predecessors, a sound that RANJ seems to be crafting into a signature for herself, it doesn’t particularly add exciting depth to either artists’ body of work.

Notably though, the writing on this one proves worthy of a careful listen, RANJ’s pen truly is a weapon in itself. The track also offers glimpses of self-reflection, charting the journey of the underdog, a story of glory everyone loves. Refining her tone as a rapper too, her ability to get your head bobbing is uncanny, and one that lends itself perfectly to this track. Confidence is a virtue that the Chennai-born Bangalore-based singer and musician is well versed in by now. 

‘Underdog’, complete with its groovy (but safe and familiar) production and witty verses, isn’t going to shake things up. But, it just might have you rooting for it, in perfect, serendipitous “underdog” fashion.