Tilt Thermal and a quarter
Artwork by Sonali Zohra

Listen: Tilt by Thermal and a Quarter

Thermal and a Quarter decided that if nobody was going to step up and shed some optimism over our gloomy 2020 vision, it had to be them. Earlier this year, they came out with the album A World Gone Mad. The album, like their 2017 single with the same name tried to capture the zeitgeist by reflecting the grim cynicism in the atmosphere. Their latest single ‘Tilt’ is a complete 180 from this vibe.

‘Tilt’ is a mostly acoustic track with just enough embellishments to augment its energy and charisma. TAAQ’s acoustic melodies are as tight and catchy as ever. Even in such a conventional approach to songwriting, every member of the band brings his A-game. Bruce Lee Mani’s lyrics talk about having an alternate perspective to things and his passionate vocals almost convince you that things could get better. Rajeev Rajagopal’s drums are astonishingly intricate and carry the energy and momentum of the song perfectly. The song features funky and bright campfire guitars with a soulful approach to production.

There is a cheerful, almost childlike optimism to the song that one simply cannot deny. We as a species need tight, sonic hugs like these from time to time and TAAQ hit the bull’s eye with ‘Tilt’.

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