Listen: The Winds of Bihu by Vishrut Pande, Kartikeya Vashist, SMESH

Even with a vaccine on the horizon, it is hard to abandon the restrictive mindset that the pandemic has brought about. While people are going about their way more often, it would still be farfetched to call things “normal”. Amidst work-from-home deadlines and masks becoming akin to a facial feature, a song like ‘The Winds of Bihu’ provides a few minutes of perfect respite.

Like its name, the track is a fluttery quality, brought about by the feathery flute of Kartikeya Vashisht. His sound is sprightly but not frivolous, immediately uplifting in the way a sudden gust of summer breeze would be. His melodic breath is flanked by the percussive genius of Somesh Pant AKA SMESH and Delhi-based composer-producer Vishrut Pande. A flute rooted in folk is perfectly complemented by the sheen of more modern sounds.

This instrumental piece is easy and entrancing. Its twinkle is certainly reminiscent of the joy of Bihu – festivity, jubilation and harmony. The accompanying music video, illustrated and animated by visual artist Aayushi Saklani, perfectly conveys the feeling by sketching out a lovers’ dance in the thriving, sparkling bloom of nature. It tells a quick story of happy abandon – a scenario in which the world is going well and you have reasons to dance.

‘The Winds of Bihu’ is a musical balm for our home-bound hearts. It offers beauty and gives the listener a chance to recount the possibility of good things happening, even in a not-so-good world.