Listen: The Unposted Letter by Varun Nimbolkar feat. Saee Tembhekar

Songwriter and sitar player, Varun Nimbolkar, arrives with a serendipitous track for the monsoons in his latest offering, ‘The Unposted Letter’. Featuring fellow musicians Saee Tembhekar and Vinay Kaushal, ‘The Unposted Letter’, is a “dual melody fusion piece featuring sitar and vocals composed with the genre and style of electronica-drumnbass,” as described by Nimbolkar. 

‘The Unposted Letter’ is a moody piece of music – one that kicks off with the harmonic and melodious notes of the sitar. This arrangement is full of surprises. Though, interestingly, it seems to pay homage to much of the Indian fusion music we’ve grown up listening to. 

In a candid conversation over e-mail, Nimbolkar confessed, “Making contemporary songs based on Hindustani music would require stating defined sonic boundaries and that is where the other elements of the song came into [the] picture”. And, that careful curation is bountifully evident in the track. 

‘The Unposted Letter’ presents itself in a loop of sorts, one that cycles between the classical lilts of the sitar and other Indian musical elements, and the exhilarating rush of Western percussive arrangements. And, somehow, in light of the theme of the track, that loop makes perfect sense. 

When asked about the inspiration behind the track, the artist remarked, “I guess in most of our cases, there are lots of thoughts, which we ponder to ourselves and don’t really talk about. These are probably the truest of all feelings.” He continued, “There is so much urge from inside to make that one call and yet for some reason, we decide not to make it. The emotional state of facing this dilemma between ourselves and our inner voice and the incompleteness it creates is ‘The Unposted Letter’”. 

Evocative and meticulous in its arrangement, ‘The Unposted Letter’, gets you thinking. At the very least, it’s a worthy companion for a rainy day. 

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